In 2008 Cornerstone Community Fellowship entered into a Community 2 Community relationship with Food for the Hungry and the people of Sierra Prieta in the Dominican Republic. Since then we have had the privilege of sending teams of people from our church to build this relationship and walk with them out of poverty. The basis for our relationship is child-sponsorship through Food for the Hungry.  The child sponsorship's provide funding for community wide vocational training, leadership development, spiritual growth, education, healthcare and water projects. 

         The people of Sierra Prieta are not a project for us to complete or lost souls to save. They are a community of people we are PARTNERING with. In a real sense they are actually the lead partner. The projects we will be working on have been chosen by them. We are just one part of working in the community. Each time we work on a project it will be at their direction. Food for the Hungry does have a community representative who works in the community to help educate and give advice to the community leaders but the locals themselves make the final decisions. Our primary role is to enter into healthy and encouraging relationships with the people of Sierra Prieta.  Since 2008 we have sent groups of our congregation each year to grow our relationship with the people of Sierra Prieta.  

        Follow our blog and see how God is working in us and the people of Sierra Prieta.  cornerstonec2c.blogspot.com