What are Core Values?  Why are they important?  Core Values are deeply held beliefs and highest priorities.  Core Values determine how you act and how you will live life.

Core Values determine how you invest resources and allocate  time.   In others word Core Values are the engine behind all you do.    It's impossible for any church to be all things to all people,  so we have decided that we will focus all on our energy on these 5 Core Values.

1. We Value Jesus

We believe Jesus is the one true God, the sacrificial substitute for our sins, the head of the church, all-satisfying, and the true treasure of our hearts.

2. We Value The Bible

We believe the Bible is God’s truth, the central authority in our lives, and that it needs to be communicated in relevant ways to this generation.

3. We Value Reaching Spiritually Lost People

We believe spiritually lost people matter to God and they ought to matter to us.

4. We Value Authentic Relationships

We believe that Christianity is meant to be lived as a team sport, in authentic relationships where people can have fun, gain trust and care for one another.

5. We Value Acceptance of Everyone

We believe that God calls people from where they are. We look for God to make changes in us as we turn ourselves over to Him knowing that we are all in process. "Come as you are... go away changed."